Vancouvers premiere wedding DJ with over 18 years experience. DJ Gravity is the first Vancouver based DJ to move from the wedding dj scene to a more mainstream roll when he was signed by the world famous DJ SANJ to Billionaire Events. Vancouver has many wedding DJ's, but only one that backed by a prestigeous artist.

DJ Gravity is the first on air south asian traffic jam radio DJ, sharing a show with DJ SANJ and Angelina Rai on 1200AM Spice Radio, which airs friday evenings between 5pm and 6pm. In this show, he showcases his abilities with music menipulation along with mixing skills.

These skills are what have coined him Vancouvers Premiere wedding dj. He is able to leave audiences mesmerized by playing exactly what they want to hear next. Being well versed in multiple genres of music gives him a great edge and the ability to please all of your guests and not just a few. His style is unique and music decisions are based on the reactions and energy of the audience before him. His observations skills allow him to see reactions on the dance floor to gauge the type of music the audience is enjoying. This means a happier and fuller dance floor througout the evening with comic releif when Gravity gets on the mic.

Crowd interaction is what differentiates from a good DJ to a great DJ. Gravity's skill on the mic is one that cannot be matched. Being able to make a full room burst into laughter comes very easily to this entertainer. He is able to easily connect with his audience and keep people engaged with his witty humour and quick remarks. 
Gravity has gained world wide attention with remixes and mixtapes available on soundcloud. He has collaborated with talents from different continents on mixes that have become instant hits. He is now working on new projects with the hit maker himself and will be debuting his talents off of the stage.

DJ Gravity is available exclusively through Billionaire Events for all your DJ needs. Get your inquiries in now.